Impacts of the Medicinal Marijuana Trend on Child Welfare

Stacee Read and Sabrina Byrnes

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The legalization of marijuana use in a medicinal sense is sweeping the country, leaving child welfare professionals questioning how exactly to handle such cases. The purpose of this 90-minute webinar is to bring professionals back to the basics of assessing safety and risk with families, regardless of the presence of a license/certificate to use marijuana. Further exploration is given to educate the community and child welfare organizations about the inherent dangers that come with the cultivation of marijuana in homes where children reside. Through this presentation, participants will become aware of these inherent dangers in the physical environment where cultivation is occurring. The session further addresses the assessment of the user and how to appropriately determine if the caregiver’s use of medicinal marijuana is affecting their ability to appropriately provide care for their children.

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