Our Programs

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (National DEC) provides national leadership in the development of programs, policies, and services on behalf of children and families who are in the cycle of substance abuse and violence.  Our work also includes administering and advancing programs for the prevention of abuse and neglect, as well as raising public awareness of this critical issue.

State, Tribal, and Local DEC Alliances
Strengthening Community Capacity

The growing number of state, tribal, and local DEC alliances throughout the country are the cornerstone of the national drug endangered children effort. We provide leadership, strategic planning, training, and technical assistance to our alliances, all designed to help build the capacity and infrastructure of the state, tribal, and local DEC efforts.

Our partnerships with state, tribal, and local DEC alliances also allow us to share  information on trends across the country, such as prescription drug abuse, increasing heroin usage, the rise of small methamphetamine labs, and the expansion of medical marijuana laws. This information allows us to refine our training, develop better protocols, and craft model legislation to address these challenges.

Training & Resource Center
Connecting Practitioners to Resources

Since 2003, National DEC has provided training and technical assistance to thousands of professionals to better recognize the risks faced by drug endangered children and develop effective responses. We conduct an annual national conference, host monthly professional development webinars, and deliver training all around the country. Our online Resource Center features a searchable library of hundreds of research reports, articles, training presentations, protocols, and more. Additionally, our website features an “Ask an Expert” service, a training calendar, a listing of events around the country, access to our archived webinars, funding announcements, and state DEC alliance contacts.

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