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Phase 2: Implementation of a Collaborative Approach to Helping Drug Endangered Children


One of the primary goals of the DEC mission is to make individual practitioners, disciplines, agencies, and systems effective in responding to drug endangered children and the related issues of abuse and neglect, trauma, violence, and human trafficking that they may be experiencing. Building on awareness of the true risks and challenges faced by drug endangered children - the next step is taking action by truly collaborating with other disciplines and making changes to how practitioners do their jobs.


We have developed training curricula and other resources summarized below to implement changes and put true collaboration into practice.

Continue to Connect with National DEC

Practitioners can connect via email, telephone, www.nationaldec.org, Facebook, Twitter and e-Updates.

Continue Core DEC Awareness Training In-Person or Online: National DEC offers Core DEC Training in an easy to watch format for those professionals that may not be able to attend an in-person training. This training is in 6 short easy to watch videos that are downloadable at any time.

Provide DEC Approach Training:

The DEC Approach “Moving from Awareness to Action…”

This training focuses on how to implement the DEC Approach which is a comprehensive strategy based on a common vision, collaboration that is on-going between various disciplines and agencies, and on-going changes in practice. This DEC Approach has proven to be effective in improving the likelihood of better outcomes for drug endangered children. This training provides insights about how various practitioners—including child welfare professionals, law enforcement officers, court/judicial professionals, prosecutors, probation/parole, medical personnel, educators and treatment providers—are in a position to identify, protect, and serve drug endangered children and their families.


The trainers discuss the identification of risks to drug endangered children and what all disciplines can look for when collecting evidence and information on drug endangered children. The trainers utilize pictures and video of real DEC scenarios to assist professionals in understanding what to look for regarding the “life of the child”. The training includes trainer led discussions and hands on exercises to demonstrate how implementing collaboration enhances the likelihood of better outcomes for drug endangered children.

Tools to Implement the DEC Approach:

Checklists: Checklists are very useful tools to put procedures and policies into practice.  They can help ensure that key steps, pieces of evidence, contacts, or other information aren’t missed when dealing with cases involving drug endangered children.  These checklists can be used for different agencies and then shared with partner agencies. They provide various disciplines with guidance in gathering important information.




Publications: National DEC created publications that will assist law enforcement and their partners in their DEC efforts. These publications can be ordered through the COPS Office and sent to you for free. Or you can download them at the following links.


Community Outreach: Because drug activity and substance abuse impact all of our communities and the DEC mission engages practitioners from so many different disciplines, the DEC approach has community-wide impact.  As you implement the DEC Approach, it is important to ask yourself how you are reaching out to your community. This is a great time to think about and develop brochures and information to distribute throughout your community as well as to other disciplines.

As part of community outreach, it is important on an on-going basis to identify additional disciplines, partners, and community stakeholders who should be involved in your local DEC efforts. Continue to work on the National DEC Identifying Key Disciplines and Individuals Worksheet: