Helping you change the trajectory of drug endangered children’s lives.

Build a multidisciplinary coordinated approach that puts children's needs first.

Children + Drugs = Risk

Drug Endangered Children are at risk of suffering physical or emotional harm as a result of drug use, possession, manufacturing, cultivation, or distribution.  They may also be at risk due to their caretaker's substance misuse interfering with the caretaker's ability to parent and provide a safe and nurturing environment.

The DEC Approach

Since 2003, the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children has been training States, Tribes, and communities across the country in the DEC Approach. Which is a multidisciplinary strategy to change the trajectory of a drug endangered child’s life through the recognition of a common vision, ongoing collaboration between disciplines, and ongoing change in practices and policies, all of which increase the likelihood of better outcomes for drug endangered children.


Training designed to meet your community's needs.


Toolkits, Checklists, Examples, and research.


State websites and ways to connect with DEC Alliances from across the country.

We understand the challenges.
  • Collaborating across disciplines is hard. 

  • Creating change in practices and policies takes time.

  • Forming community-based partnerships isn't easy.

  • The whole process can feel overwhelming.

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Destination – Successful DEC Alliance

Step One

Build Awareness


Step Two

Implement the DEC Approach

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Step Three

Develop DEC Protocols

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