What We Do...

Turning Interest Into Action


National DEC Mission: 

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children teaches early identification, response, and appropriate intervention services for children and families affected by parental or caregiver substance misuse. We equip comprehensive, multidisciplinary alliances, communities, organizations, and individuals with access to our national resource center, training, and technical assistance.  


National DEC Vision

Our vision is 100% healthy, safe children, families, and communities free from the negative impact of substance misuse and drug activity. 


National DEC Values: 

  • Integrity 

  • Truth 

  • Ethics 

  • Collaboration 

  • Excellence 

  • Financial Stability 

  • Making A Difference 

  • Reliability 

  • Respect 

  • Community 



Since 2003, National DEC has provided training and technical assistance to thousands of professionals to better recognize the risks faced by drug endangered children and develop effective responses. We hold a national conference, host professional development webinars, and deliver training all around the country. 



Our DEC alliances around the country are the cornerstone of the national drug endangered children efforts and we are committed to building and sustaining our national network. We provide leadership, strategic planning, training and technical assistance to our alliances.



  • Core DEC Awareness Training

  • DEC Approach Training

  • Local DEC development training and facilitation

  • Train the Trainer sessions

  • Local DEC Alliance roadmap and toolkit

  • A national conference

  • Regular networking opportunities

  • Experts in the field whom we call upon to conduct research

  • Accurate advice and information regarding the many needs of drug endangered children

  • Responding to "Ask an Expert" inquiries

  • Webinars on current topics

  • E-updates 

  • Other publications

At National DEC, we believe the best way to address the needs of drug endangered children is a coordinated approach that puts children's needs first.

We are proud to work alongside law enforcement, prosecutors, social services, medical personnel, treatment providers, prevention experts, probation and corrections, first responders, teachers and many more. We believe that all professionals who have the opportunity to identify children suffering from neglect and abuse should be trained to work collaboratively. With support from individuals, corporate partners, foundations, and governmental agencies, National DEC provides program assistance to communities across the nation.

Download the "National DEC What you Need to Know" One-Pager:




Those who have participated in the Train the Trainer as outlined in the Phase 3: Institutionalization section of our website can enter their training information in the DEC Certified Trainer: Training Tracking Guide.

Pre-Survey and Evaluations available for Trainers to download.