Our Partners

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children works with nonprofits, organizations, companies, government agencies, tribes, and community leaders to address the challenges of DEC cases and the needs of drug endangered children. 

Their ideas, support, and strengths help make a difference in the lives of children who are living in dangerous drug environments.

Academy of Forensic Nursing


To link research to practice through the dissemination of scholarship, education, and service to those affected by and responding to trauma.


Mid-America Prevention Technology Transfer Center


To serve as a prevention catalyst, empowering individuals and fostering partnerships to promote safe, healthy, and drug-free communities across Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.




For most people, leaving home, Work or Family to receive help isn’t an option. Aspire365 delivers a team of specialist to your home to help you overcome substance misuse and achieve long-term sobriety, while maintaining control of personal, family, and financial responsibilities. Our goal isn’t to simply stop substance use but to help our patients develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that supports sobriety. The Aspire model gives individuals a minimum of 365 days to achieve sobriety, improve relationships, and create personal, social and financial stability all while receiving treatment in the comfort of your own home. With the 5 – 1 model, each client works with a team of 5 industry specialists through their own personalized evidence-based treatment plan including family support, activity replacement and nutrition. Family involvement in the treatment process is not only valuable… it’s necessary. To strengthen the family system, a therapist is provided to deliver support, coaching, and guidance directly to the family. This helps those closest to the client effectively engage in the recovery process.


ACT Missouri

To serve as the statewide prevention catalyst, empowering individuals and fostering partnerships to promote safe, healthy, and drug-free communities.


Timbi Talks about Addiction 


Timbi Talks about Addiction provides children who have a parent struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) with evidence-based tools and trauma-informed resources to protect against the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Children learn strategies to help mitigate the devastating effect of ACEs. Resilience-building and agency-promoting concepts and practices are introduced and explored in language that is accessible to young children.  https://timbitalks.com/

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