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Phase 1: Awareness about Drug Endangered Children


One of the key components of the drug endangered children mission is a clear understanding of the risks that children face when their caregivers are engaged in drug activity or substance abuse.  This knowledge highlights the need for collaborative efforts to help these children and their families and motivates practitioners to look at how they can do their jobs differently to increase the chances of better outcomes for drug endangered children, families and the communities they serve. Enhancing awareness about drug endangered children is an ongoing part of the DEC mission and it provides the foundation for taking action to implement and sustain the collaborative DEC Approach.


The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (National DEC) has created an array of trainings, publications and other resources to help create awareness about DEC, including the following:

Connect with National DEC: Practitioners can connect with National DEC in a variety of ways for a variety of things. National DEC's website includes, information on upcoming trainings and webinars, and information on state and local DEC alliances, as well as ways to ask questions, request DEC training, and contact National DEC staff. Practitioners can also connect via Facebook and Twitter to obtain a wide array of information on drug activity and substance abuse and the risks they pose to children, families, and communities. 

Core DEC Awareness Training: 

National DEC offers Core DEC Training in an easy to watch format for those professionals that may not be able to attend an in-person training. This training is in 6 short easy to watch videos that are downloadable at any time.


The Core DEC Awareness Training looks at overcoming the challenges in aligning the agencies and systems responsible for preventing, intervening, and treating these issues to change the trajectories of the lives of drug endangered children and break multi-generational cycles of abuse and neglect.

National DEC Staff provide Core DEC Awareness Training at training events, conferences, community meetings, and other venues.

Through our Train the Trainer program, National DEC also certifies practitioners to be Core DEC Trainers who can provide DEC awareness training in their communities.  To learn more about a Train the Trainer session email enation@nationaldec.org

Annual DEC Awareness Day: National DEC has designated the 4th Wednesday of April every year as a day to focus on drug endangered children awareness. This is a day for individuals, agencies, disciplines, communities and states to come together with a common vision to help provide awareness around the issues of what drug endangered children go through and what can be done to identify, protect, and help these children.

Identify Leadership, Disciplines, and Agencies to be involved in a DEC Alliance: This document is a working document and will be utilized throughout all three phases of DEC efforts.

Summary of the Community Impact of DEC: This document provides an overview of the DEC mission and its impact.

Community Assessment Template: This document will assist in taking a look at your community to identify specific issues that need to be addressed and resources available to assist with DEC efforts.


National DEC Fact Sheets: These documents will assist in providing information to professionals and community members. Feel free to print these out or email to those who you feel would benefit from the information.

Brochure Describing the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (National DEC): This document provides a brief overview of National DEC which can be printed or emailed to others.